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Restored Healey Body Panels

I’m not trying to make things difficult but I have found that describing corroded or damaged body panels is impossible therefore I have decided to sell  the few that I have left in stock in restored condition only.
The restoration work has, or will be, done by a former employee who used to do all our metal restoration work using masses of patterns and bucks which he has accumulated over the years.


Such panels will be supplied in ready to install condition with hammered butt welds and no paint or filler.
Mounting holes in the replaced areas may have to be drilled, as variations can occur from car to car, and minor “spot putty” will be required during the refinishing process.
The insides are not usually completely stripped or cleaned because, if you require this, it is more cost effective for you to use your time rather than pay a skilled panel beater to do it.


I have a VERY limited number of most of these panels and when they are gone they are gone.
The prices ($US) for the restored panels are as follows:
6 Cyl convertible front $1050ea. 1 (left side) only.
6 Cyl roadster front $1150ea. (1 pair available)
BN1 LH front $1250ea. (1 available)

BN2 Front 1pr completed $1100ea.
BN2 & 6 Cyl rear $950ea. (1 right completed)
BN1 rear $1050ea.  1 pr completed
I have one new reproduction 6 cylinder right rear fender which, typically, does not fit.  Anyone can have it for $100 + shipping, but believe me you would be better starting off with one from a ’53 Buick Special. SOLD
4 Cyl front $2700 (3 available)
6 Cyl roadster front $2600 (1 available)
6 Cyl conv front (single light) $2900 (1 available)
6 Cyl conv front double light $2900 (1 available) SOLD
4 Cyl rear $2600 (4 available)
6 Cyl 2 seater rear $2800 (2 available)
6 Cyl 4 seater roadster rear $2300 (4 available)

6 Cyl conv (early) rear $2900

6 Cyl conv (late) rear $2900
For panels which are not in finished stock I will require a 50% deposit with each order.
Depending upon the amount of work we have ahead of us production of a finished panel can take up to 4 weeks.

As mentioned earlier if these panels have to be shipped there will be a crating charge which is typically $80 for fenders and $150 for shrouds. All prices in $US.

I have piles of other parts as well. You can download the full list of used parts here:


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  1. Michael
    I have a 6 Cyl front double light shroud in very very good condition.
    I am located in Northern Indiana (South Bend).
    Have you had any recent inquiries for one.

    Best Regards


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