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Tons of Used Parts …Chapter II

Now that the seasons have started their “miraculous mutations” or “swapping around” as we humble non poets would put it the temperature in Ontario has risen, albeit briefly, above freezing. This brief respite has presented me with the opportunity to start a task that I have not been looking forward to. As promised, some weeks back, I will be putting together an inventory of the “Tons of Used Parts” that I would like to get rid of. However, before I start this epistle there are some things which all interested parties should be aware:
First I should explain where all this stuff came from. Back in 1979 I started a business called “Precision Sportscar Servicing”. Precision as it became known was an early starter in the business of Healey restorations. When I started the only other company that I knew of was one called “Global Healey” and they vanished shortly after we started.In the days that Precision started the only sources for Healey parts were in the U.K. Moss hadn’t even thought of Healeys and some U.S. companies like MG Mitten and Victoria British were just dabbling. 1979 was a time when you could buy a rusted out Healey for less than $500 and really good ones were about $3000 so the demand for repro parts was fairly low as “good used” was the order of the day.

As the years went by we expanded to include MGs and Triumphs, although big Healeys were by far our largest volume. With very few exceptions all the parts we saved were for Austin Healey, Triumph or MG sports cars.Because parts were so hard to get, even though you could still get some from the dealer, I started buying up badly rusted Healeys and disassembling them for parts. When one does this the hardest part of the business is deciding what to keep and what to dump.

I started with 3 rules:

1. If a good quality reproduction of the part was available for less than it would cost to transform the part in question into a saleable item the used part went out.
2. If no reproduction of the part was available the part would be kept if it could be restored to saleable condition for less than what it would sell for.
3. If we had as many as we thought we would ever need only the best were kept.

Of course, as the years went by, the standards changed. When I started a “saleable part” was essentially one which could be installed with a reasonable chance that it would work and cosmetics were not a large factor also there was by no means the plethora of quality reproduction parts available in the early ‘80s that there is now.

Secondly these parts have been stored in three 40’ transport trailers for at least 15 years so they are not what one would describe as being “immaculately clean”, in fact exactly the opposite is true. Of late the raccoons have managed to gain access to the trailers and have eaten some of the cardboard boxes and left their calling cards in places so, don’t expect to arrive with a truck and just transfer a few boxes from one place to another. To be realistic transferring all the parts from where they are into another truck will probably take 2 people at least a full day and probably more, and they (the people) will get dirty to boot.
The parts that I have listed are just those that I could see reasonably easily and were of sufficient significance to list, there are more behind on the shelves. I have not included many other parts which are there like bell housings, gearbox cases, etc and, when we say a bin, this is usually a 20” x 24” x 10” deep fiberglass bin or in some cases a milk crate or similar.
That said, here is the list of the parts that are in the three trailers in absolutely no particular order.
Where possible the parts listed are linked to photos of the described items, I have not photographed everything because many are hard to get a good view of.

19 Steering wheels
3 100 oil pans
6 Hly 6 cyl oil pans
4 Other oil pans
1 bin Headlight rims
1 bin Windshield Washer Bottles, pumps jets and hoses
1 bin Headlamp inner rims
1 bin Tail light bodies
1 bin Plastic and glass lenses
1 bin Headlamp buckets and light units
8 Octagonal knock offs
1 bin Eared knock offs
4 “A” series oil pans
1 bin Sprite misc parts
1 TR6 gearbox case
1 bin Oil filter housings
1 Jaguar “E:” air filter assy
1 bin Misc external mirros
3 bins NOS Tie rod ends, king pin kits QH
1 bin Lucas electrical misc
1 bin Lucas column switches
3 bins Lucas distributors
1 bin Lucas scroll type horns
½  bin Wheel cylinder bodies and adjusters
3 bins Master cyls
2 bins Healey side shift transmission parts
1 bim Kangol seat belts manual and retracting
1 bin Jacks and handles
30 Rad fans
50 Wiper motors and drives
5 bins TR7 stuff misc (yuck)
10 Flywheels
4 Backplates
12 Rocker covers
2 bins Lucas horns
6 bins Healey 22 & 28% overdrive parts
2 Jag 6 cyl pans
2 Jag 6 cyl cam covers
1 bin Jag6cyl engine parts
2 bins Healey 100 engine parts
1 Healey 6 crank recon
1 bn Fan motors (not Healey)
21 Steering racks “B” TR, Sprite, Spit etc
10 Steering columns
½ bin Healey seat tracks
1 bin Healey heater parts
1 bin Healey over riders
1 bin Healey bumper mounts
1 bin Healey internal door parts
1 bin Lucas voltage regulators Healey
1 bin Misc small Healey interior parts
1 bin Healey bonnet parts
1 bin Healey windshield parts
1 bin Healey 100 engine mounts
1 bin Healey 6 engine mounts
1 bin Healey door hinges
1 bin Healey relays and switches
2 bins Healey 6 pistons and rods
1 bin Misc Healey brackets
2 bins Healey 6 engine parts
20 Crankshafts (Most Healey 6)
20 Cam shafts “
1 Diff center healey 3.9
1 bin Healey rear axle parts
2 bins Healey steering arms and rods
1 bin Healey steering idlers and s box parts
2 bins Healey front susp parts
1 bin Healey rear axle small parts
1 bin Healey brake shoes
1 bin Healey fuel system parts except carbs
1 bin Healey over riiders
1 bin Healey misc small body parts
1 bin Healey brake control parts
35 Healey roadster cockpit combing sections
1 bin TR6 body brackets
2 bins NOS TR6 single pulley water pumps
1 bin TR6 lamps
1 bin TR6 interior parts
1 bin TR6 wheel centers
1 bin TR6 electrical parts
2 bins TR6 half shafts and hubs
2 bins TR6 misc body parts
2 bins TR6 gearbox parts
1 bin TR6 front susp parts
1 bin TR6 brake controls and brakes
1 bin Healey BN1 gearbox parts
1 bin TR3-4 misc
1 bin TR 3-4 body parts
2 bins TR3–4  Susp parts
1 bin TR 3-4 Engine
1 bin MGA mech misc
1 bin MGA body exterior
1 bin MGB door parts
3 bins MGB engine parts
2 bins MGB front susp parts
19 Top frames
1 E Jag air filter case
5 Late Spit ½ shafts w hubs
1 bin MGB gearbox parts
1 bin MGB hubs some wires
1 bin MGB rocker shaft assys
3 bins MGB exterior body parts
1 bin MGB air cleaner assys
1 bin MGB emission parts
½ bin MGB seat rails and seat belts
2 big bins Caliper cores
1 pr MGB doors
1 BJ8 console
1 TR6 console
3 MGB single carb manifold sets
13 Misc twin carb inlet manifolds
110 approx Armstrong shock cores
1 pr Armstrong adjustable shocks early Healey
50 Wire wheel hubs
1 Jensen Healey carb set with manifolds and air filter
50 Misc Stromberg carbs and parts
8 bins Misc S.U. carbs and parts
1 pr Jensen Healey taillights
1 Morris Minor intake & exh manifold with carb & filter
5 Healey roadster grilles
4 TR6 air filter boxes
5 Healey BJ8 grilles & parts
1 bin Bugeye misc body parts (poor thing)
4 bins Spridget gearbox parts
1 bin “A” series pistons and rods
1 bin Spridget brake drums
2 bins Spridget body parts
2 bins 948 “A” series engine parts
2 bins 1275 “A” series engine parts
1 1275 midget carb & manifold set
1 bin Spridget front susp parts
6 Spridget ½ shafts
2 bins Brake shoe cores
1 pr TR7 front strut assys
12 Anti roll bars misc
1 TR6 short engine
1 TR6 carbs w manifold
1 bin Healey 6 cyl gearbox parts
5 Spitfire diffs
1 pr MGB ¼ lites
1 1500 “B” series engine (MGA)
3 TR6 ½ shafts and hubs
6 Healey diff center sections
4 TR6 diffs
5 Spridget diff center sections
1 bin Misc water pump cores
10 Transmission covers (tunnels) mostly Healey
1 Spit 1500 engine complete
5 1275 “A” series mostly complete
1 MGB 3 brg (bare block)
1 MGB 5 brg (bare block)
2 848 “A” series short engines
3 “A” series blocks
4 Revolution wheels MGB need polishing
2 Sprite smooth case gearboxes
2 Sprite ribcage gearboxes
3 MGB 3 sync gearboxes
6 MGB 4 syncro boxes
2 Healey side shift boxes OD
5 Healey center shift boxes OD
1 TR8 automatic transmission
1 TR7 automatic transmission
3 TR7 4 speed gearboxes
2 TR6 gearboxes
2 Spitfire early gearboxes
1 TR IRS rear trailing arm LHS
1 Jaguar cyl head
20 Lucas sealed beam units (working)
1 Raccoon (may have left)
1 bin Healey 100 windshield parts
1 bin Healey 100 heater parts
1 TR6 cyl head
6 Healey disc wheels
1 bin Healey controls parts
4 MGB windshield assys
2 Mini 10″ wheels
1 GT6 1/2 shaft
4 TR7 Wheels
1 TR4 steering wheel
4 Late Spridget windshield assys
1 late “B” rear bumper cover
1 pr BN1 rear brake assys
5 TR250 solid wheels
1 bin Spitfire headlamp surrounds
2 TR6 consoles
1 bin BN1 gearbox parts
4 bins Spitfire body misc
2 bins Old radios & speakers
3 bins Old harnesses (for parts)
1 bin Healey 100 carbs & manifolds
30 (approx) Alternators
1 bin Mini parts misc
5 Healey 100 distributors
1 bim Mini gearbox parts
60 (approx) Starters
30 (approx) Generators
1 bin Healey 100 engine covers
1 bin Spitfire lamps
1 bin Healey 100 wiper motors, drives and air filters?
3 Healey 100 flywheels
1 pr TR6 rear suspension trailing arms
7 Buick (Rover) V8 heads
1 bin Small speedos
2 pr Spitfire rear 1/2 shafts w hubs
3 bins 2″ gauges & parts
1 bin Spitfire trim rings ans hub caps
15 (approx) Inlet manifolds
2 bins Spitfire dash parts
1 Austin Gypsy engine (AH100)
4 Healey 6 cyl radiators
2 bins Spitfire engine parts
40 (approx) Radiators (other)
1 bin Spitfire brake and clutch parts
30 (approx) Exhaust manifolds
1 pr Healey 100 front spindles (BN1)
1 MGB 18GA engine (3 brg) rear
3 pr BJ8 wood dash panels
2 Healey 100/6 block (std bore)
6 Spitfire upper steering column covers
2 bins Healey 100 engine internals
30 (approx) Cyl heads misc
1 Ford Anglia 997 c.c. engine
2 Rover (Buick 215) bare blocks
1 Healey 100 crankshaft (lightened)
1 Buick 215 (Rover 3500) bare engine
1 Healey 100 grille + spare rim
1 Buick 215 (Rover 3500) short engine
1 MGA fuel tank
3 Triumph Spitfire engines
3 Healey 100 exh manifolds
1 bin Lucas switches misc
2 Healey 100 drive shafts
40 (approx) Brake drums
1 bin Healey 100 water and oil pumps
1 bin Healey 100 brake parts
1 bin Healey 100 gearbox parts (BN1)
1 bin Healey 100 brake and suspension parts
2 bins Healey 100 gearbox parts (BN2)
6 Spitfire 1500 diffs
20 Healey brake back plates
4 Healey 100 Radiators
1 Rover 3500 EFI engine
2 Spridget 948 c.c. engines
1 Early Healey 3000 engine
3 TR3/4 engines
1 MGB 5 brg block
3 TR7 engines
3 Spridget 1275 engines
2 GT6 engines
1 MGB 3 brg engine (GA)
1 Spridget 1100c.c. engine (10CC)
1 MGA 1500 block
1 Healey 3000 MkIII engine
1 MGB late engine (18V)
1 MGB late block (18V)
1 MGB early 5 brg engine (18GA)
1 TR6 engine
3 Healey 100 engine blocks
2 TR3 Steering boxes
5 Spridget smooth case gearboxes
1 Healey 100 gearbox (BN1)
1 Spitfire gearbox (early)
3 Spitfire gearbox (late)
10 Healey overdrive units
3 TR7 4 speed gearboxes
3 TR7 5 speed gearboxs
1 Jensen Healey gearbox
3 TR6 gearboxes
5 Healey diff centers 4.11/1
1 MGB overdrive unit
1 Overdrive unit (Alpine?)
1 BN1 overdrive unit
20 (approx) Healey steering boxes
2 TR 2/4 gearboxes
1 Healey sideshift gearbox
1 Morris Minor Gearbox
2 TR6 bonnets
1 TR7 bonnet
1 Late Spit L door
2 Early Spit boot lid
12 MGB boot lid
1 TR7 R door
2 Spridget rad cradle
12 Misc bumpers
2 Grease guns
1 Spridget R front susp unit
4 pr Healey conv 1/4 lite assys
10 pr Misc 1/4 lite assys
40 (approx) Door glasses
26 Side screen frames
10 Rear 1/4 windows
25 Windshield assys misc
8 Windshield glasses misc
20 Fuel tanks misc
25 Dashs misc
50 Driveshafts misc
20 (approx) Front suspension units misc
3 TR6 rear 1/2 shafts
40 (approx) Rear axle 1/2 shafts misc
6 Healey seats
1 pr Healey 6 cyl front inner fenders
1 MGBGT rear hatch NOS
4 Healey parcel trays
1 TR3 spare wheel cover
1 MGBGT rear seat cushion (black)
1 MGBGT rear seat cushion black
1 MGA R door
5 MGA L door
1 TR6 Grille & surround panel
4 BJ8 R door (late)
4 BJ8 L door (late)
2 TR3 L door (short)
1 TR3 R door (short)
1 Sprite MkII bonnet
1 Alpine bonnet
3 Healey 100 L door
6 Healey 100 R door
1 BJ8 R door (early)
1 BJ7 L door
9 6 cyl Healey roadster R door
4 6 cyl Healey roadster L door
3 TR6 L door
2 TR6 R door
2 GT6 rear hatch w glass
5 Spridget boot lid
2 TR3 Boot lid
4 Healey 100 boot lid
17 Healey 6 cyl boot lid
6 Healey 100 front shroud
2 Healey 6 cyl conv front shroud (early)
11 Healey 6 cyl roadster front shrouds
20 Healey 6 cyl bonnets
5 MGA bonnet
2 Sprite I R door
1 BJ8 conv gutter
2 MGB bonnet
12 Healey 6 cyl 4 seat rear shrouds
2 Healey 6 cyl 2 seat rear shrouds
4 Healey 100 rear shrouds
1 BJ7 rear shroud
1 Healey 100 Bonnet
4 Late Spridget L door
4 Late Spridget R door
14 Healey 6 cyl L rear wing
2 Healey 100 L rear wing
7 Healey 6 cyl R rear wing
1 Healey 6 cyl roadster R front wing
3 Healey 6 cyl roadster L front wing
1 TR3 R rear wing
1 TR3 L front wing
3 Healey 6 cyl conv L front wing
3 Healey 100 L front wing
1 Healey 100 R front wing
20 (approx) Fuel tanks various
1 Spridget L front wing
2 Spridget R front wing
1 MGA R front wing
1 MGA L front wing
1 MGB R door (early)
1 TR6 L front wing
1 Healey conv f shroud (rear 1/2)
1 TR7 boot lid
1 Healey 6 cyl 2 seat battery door
1 TR3 Spare wheel cover
1 Healey 6 cyl front shroud lower section
1 Spitfire 1500 R door
1 Spitfire 1500 L door
1 MGB L door
40 approx Wire wheels (we have thrown out 100s)
1 Sprite I bonnet (rough)

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a steering wheel and control head for a BN2, also in bed condition.
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