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Tin Austin Healey 100 Model


Many years ago I picked up a very unusual, at least unusual to me, model of an Austin Healey 100. Although it is the most cheaply made tin model one could imagine the detail in the original lithography is amazingly detailed.


I would love to know more about it…If anyone knows more about this kind of model please comment below.


The model is about six inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

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  1. I have a red one too. It has the notch on the bottom for a friction drive, but I don’t believe it has the friction drive. I thought it was broken as well. I’d be happy to post pictures if anyone is interested. I got mine from a member of the Midwest Austin Healey Club, along with a plastic model that is missing parts. Contact me at

  2. Thank you Richard,

    I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of information out there on a huge number of subjects.

    BTW mine is the model with the notch but no friction drive…I thought it was broken!!

  3. These were originally made in Western Germany and the company did not do well with them. The rights and Litho were sold to a company in France named Joyax Jouet. They produced them with the friction drive, and then without the drive but still with the notch for the drive on the bottom. Eventually even the notch disappeared and they had 3 or 4 different bottoms. They came in the red as in your photos and in a light green which I would like to get. They were sold individually and in sets; one set with a transporter, Mercedes, and airplane: and one set with a gas pump. If you would like I could do a little article about them for the magazines.


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