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Tons of Used Parts… Chapter III

After several days of work we have completed the inventory of the used parts that I want to sell. Anyone who is interested in making an offer please send me an e mail: and I will forward the complete sorted list in Excel format or you can view it unsorted when you scroll down in the post below

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PARTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE AS ONE JOB LOT but I will forward enquiries for individual parts or groups of parts to the purchaser.

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  1. Hello, disaster struck on the way home from work last night, and now I need a 5 speed TR7 transmission. I see from your listing that you have one in your job lot of parts. Please let me know if you have sold the lot on, and if so could you please pass my contact info on…



  2. Mike,

    If one of those 10 transmission tunnel covers will fit a 1960 side shift BN7, I’m interested. Please forward my request to the eventual purchaser of the parts.


  3. Mike do you have a rear seat fold down shelf for a BJ8 . I bought all the new wood pcs but need the plywood for a pattern and a couple of hinges .

    Ed Orr

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